viernes, 14 de noviembre de 2014

Home ideas and crafts

"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home"

This is a series of three different activities that have been used in class with our level 3 students. There is always something special when teaching and talking about your own personal house. Most students live either in a flat or a house and they feel secure and enthusiastic when they describe their own places. 
But outside their universe there are many other ways of living. Some homes float on water, some can be found up trees and others are made in underground caves.
This is a presentation of houses around the world. It can be used as an warm-up and starting point:

1. Home moving

Students are given different instructions on where to locate each piece of furniture in our little wooden house. After putting each item in its corresponding place, a memory game is played and different pieces are moved around the house, so that students have to identify where their original place was and make a statement on it. For example: There was a wardrobe in the bedroom, but now it's in the living-room.

Instructions and actions can also take place if little figures are being used. There is something really special when playing with dolls and interpreting roles or using different tones/ intonations. Children love playing it!

2. Cereal Box Craft

This activity was done with a small group. Each child had an empty cereal box to decorate inside with pieces of furniture so that they created a sort of 3 dimentional house. They felt very proud and they could carry it home.

3. My modern flat

We all like looking at Home decoration magazines from time to time. They give us ideas or make us dream with certain items we would like to have in our own house. Or they simply give us an insight on the tendencies just like fashion does. For this activity, students made their own collage with different photo cuts from Deco Magazines. 

Hope you enjoy it!