lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

Halloween crafts and activities

"When witches go riding  
And black cats are seen, 
The moon laughs and whispers,  
'Tis near Halloween."

This year Halloween has been celebrated with great enthusiasm. Both teachers and children have turned this holiday into a great opportunity to learn about traditions and enjoy a wide range of activities.

Here's a list of different crafts and activities that have been used in class:

1. Find the ghost/spider/witch/bat.
  • Select a series of Halloween characters and hide them in different places of your class.
  • Make a list of sentences (clues) for each hidden character.
  •  Students read the clues and try to find them. It works well with two students at a time.
  • They love finding the characters, and they can hide them again for the next class. They will be more than happy to help the teacher hide them.

 2. Halloween Bags
  • All you need is some cardboard and some cloth thread. Students can colour, cut and decorate their own bags with Halloween characters. They will be more than happy to have their own shoulder bags for a treat.

 3. Halloween 3D Cards
  • They are quite easy to make once you have everything prepared: cardboard, scissors, glue and Halloween drawings/ cartoons. This activity worked well with older students as they need to master the cutting pretty well.

4. Cardboard Bats

 5. Halloween squash
  • This activity was specially prepared for the very young learners, so we made funny, happy faces on these real miniature pumpkins. It was nice to see their reactions when knowing they were real squashes they could take home and show to their parents.

Hope you've enjoyed it as much as we did!