lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

End of year party

"Love is a fruit in season of all times, and within reach of every hand."-Mother Teresa

This is probably one of the happiest and nostalgic day at the same time of the whole school year. Students come for their last reports, share their summer plans with us, and finally we say goodbye; another year has passed. We've seen them grow, learn and mature. They will come back in September with new experiences and stories to tell.

1. Fruit sticks
There is one part of this final day that you can make it really fun. Instead of bringing sweets, chips and soda, tell students to bring fruit. Yes, fruit! I know at the beginning they might say this is no fun at all, but believe me, everything can turn into an activity they all enjoy.

I've done it last year and it was a big success. The ideas is to create fruit sticks with all the fruit you have available. You can identify, describe and finally taste it. The game they liked most was to guess the fruit while being blindfolded. They all had a great laugh and even the ones who said they didn't like one particular fruit, were in the end amazed to see how great this was.

We are not nutritionists, but we can set some good examples. Healthy eating is not being taught in schools. We sometimes restrict to teaching vocabulary, but more and more material can be found to support healthy eating habbits. One of my most popular role play game was Master Chef Junior where students invented their own meals and the cooking procedure.

Some books offer information or data supporting healthy eating habbits.

2. End it with a detail

No matter the age, students love receiving a little end-of-year detail. Our teacher Laura has prepared individual thank-you notes for each of her students. I can tell you they were all surprised and really proud of their teacher!

 3. Thank you note
If you want your students to write you a thank you note, you can always make a card cube and tell them to sign it. You can keep it on your desk and it will remind you of the great moments spent together.

I hope you can find nice ideas for your own end-of-year party! Enjoy it and have fun in summer!