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Workshop for Teachers: Motivation, the Nature of the Beast

Workshop for Teachers

Motivation: The Nature of the Beast

“We know nothing about motivation. All we can do is write books about it.”
Peter Ferdinand Drucker (1909 –  2005)

How important is motivation for you in your life and in your work? Is your motivation how you would like it to be? How important is it for your students? What is our role as educators in empowering and maintaining their motivation?

Date: 13th February
Time: 11:30 to 13:00
Place: to be confirmed
How to sing in: Please send an email to HR (janina@albanyschool.com) before Monday 9th February

Limited places assigned in order of registration

Motivation, is very much the nature of the beast; reason for which this workshop does not seek to tell you what you need to do in order to be more motivated or to get your students more motivated, rather it aims to explore the factors that could influence your sources and level of motivation and that of your students and to share collective insights into ways we can help ourselves and others to empower our  motivation ...and a space in which to experiment.

Those of you who feel curious or motivated enough to come along, might want to consider the following question:
What is the connection between motivation and creativity?”


Motivation: The Nature of the Beast represents the first of X workshops that are aimed at gaining greater insights into where we are at as educators and helping us to move towards where we would like to be.
I learn to live” or “I live to learn”.

Which of these two phrases do you associate with more in your own life experience of teaching and learning? How are the motivations of each different?

If your personal and professional development are important to you, we hope that these workshops will provide a space to explore, challenge, share, support, inspire and motivate one another so that all of us can grow towards becoming the very best teacher and learner we have within.

Bio Fiona

With an extensive background in the fields of international business, coaching and second language acquisition, Fiona developed her own business concept Made2stick™ in 2008, that is first and foremost concerned with transformational learning, both within the field of EFL and in education in general.

She has collaborated with European training projects to bring coaching, emotional intelligence and NLP to the field of education and continues to collaborate in Spain with entrepreneurial organisations to teach English through coaching.

She works as life coach, linguistic coach, and trainer. An area or special interest is in team coaching projects. She has conducted teacher training workshops on local, regional, national and international levels. She continues to collaborate with International House Cordoba, as teacher of business English, Cambridge oral examiner and contributes to in-house teacher training initiatives.

(Associate Coach ASESCO no. CAC10474)